Introducing the Touchpoints Podcast with Amy Feierman

June 3, 2021

I'm Amy!

Client experience is more than delivering on a promise. I empower solopreneurs to design simple, memorable, and engaging experiences that keep clients coming back and sharing their experience with others. 


Hi my fellow solopreneurs 👋 , I’d like to introduce you to Touchpoints, a podcast designed for service-focused solopreneurs, like you, to learn the art of building lasting client relationships. I’m your host Amy Feierman – fellow solopreneur and systems sherlock. Each week we’ll dig into why crafting an experience your clients can’t stop talking about will have a lasting positive impact on both you and your clients.

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As a service-focused business, there is one asset that is the most important to the success and sustainability of your future, your clients. Without them, you don’t have a business and you’re back at square one. Have you ever stopped to think about what it’s like to work with you from the client’s perspective?

Don’t worry if you haven’t, it’s not something most solopreneurs make time to think about because hello, you are all of the hats in your business. As a service business, client care is an essential ingredient to building lasting client relationships that keep clients coming back and sharing their experience with others.

Don’t let all the pieces of your business, all of the other hats that you wear take away from the experience your client has working with you. Delivering the work or transformation they paid for is an essential part of taking care of your client, but it won’t keep them coming back. It isn’t enough on its own merit.

So it keeps them coming back. Great question. And that is exactly what we’ll be digging into each week here on touchpoints, a podcast designed for service-focused solopreneurs like you to learn the art of building lasting client relationships. Each week, we’ll dive into crafting an experience, your clients can’t stop talking about and the positive impact it has on them while allowing you to build a sustainable business.

Hi, I’m your host, Amy Feierman fellow solopreneur, and systems sherlock. Turning your gifts into a successful business can be a lot. I’ve been there three times now. With my 10 years of lessons, building six, figure businesses, and creating the systems to support them. I’m ready to share strategies you can implement to wow.

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